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Dexcom releases study, launches new CGM

Dexcom releases study, launches new CGM

LONDON – Nearly half of patients with Type 2 diabetes were unaware of the disease’s effects, according to a new study from Dexcom. 

The “Dexcom State of Type 2 Report,” released in conjunction with the launch of the Dexcom ONE+ continuous glucose monitor, also found: 

  • 63% of people with diabetes are encountering difficulties in managing their disease, including challenges related to improving their diet or their mental health; and 

  • 42% of people with diabetes and caregivers say living with Type 2 has negatively impacted their mental health or that of the person they care for.  

“The Dexcom State of Type 2 report reveals that people trying to manage their Type 2 diabetes face significant impacts on all areas of their lives, including, and perhaps particularly, their mental health,” says Karen Baxter, vice president, Northern Europe, South Africa, Israel, and Malta at Dexcom. “We’re proud to have developed a sensor that addresses the unmet needs of the Type 2 community. Feedback from users and health care professionals already using Dexcom ONE+ indicates that the sensor is easy to use and motivational, as it provides a clearer understanding of how food and exercise choices affect glucose levels. Seeing real-time feedback can help alleviate the frustration many people, especially those with Type 2 diabetes, experience in understanding and managing their condition.” 

The Dexcom ONE+ offers three wear location options, and a “delay first high” option, which allows a user to set a time before which their sensor will not alert them to a high glucose reading, helping to avoid alert fatigue and rebound hypoglycemia due to over treatment. 


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