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Dispatches from the dining room: Unicorn days and a connected future

Dispatches from the dining room: Unicorn days and a connected future

Today was a unicorn day.

What do I mean by that? In diabetes parlance, a unicorn is a blood sugar reading of 100. No scientific reasoning that I'm aware, it's just a nice, round number, generating excitement not unlike that of a perfect score on a school test.

One thing I've learned over the past 11 weeks or so of working from home is that you can't anticipate all the little technological snafus that never happened in the office.

Case in point: Although I like the little scanner that comes with the Freestyle Libre just fine, I had finally switched to using my iPhone instead (it seems to be an either/or proposition, you can't use both).

The biggest benefit: it regularly and automatically uploads to the doctor's office—a big help during my very first telehealth appointment back in April. The nurse already had my graphs—no extra effort needed on my part.

Downfall: Working from home, I have to use my own phone to make work calls. While using the phone, I can't scan my blood sugar if I suddenly feel a possible low coming on. The most recent time this happened, I managed to power through, but it's not, shall we say, ideal.

Technology, as I am so often rudely reminded, does not always get a perfect score.

Technology was at the forefront of last week's big announcement in which AdaptHealth announced it was acquiring Solara Medical Supplies. Solara is a big player these days in the CGM and insulin pump space.

Not only do company execs expect to see growth of 20% annually for the next few years, they are looking ahead to all the possibilities of connected care in the home.

As the current pandemic has shown, it's coming. The question is, who will be ready to jump on it?


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