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DMR Corp. speeds to foundation's rescue

DMR Corp. speeds to foundation's rescue

What would it be like to provide a wheelchair to a client that is exactly what he or she needs, without having to worry about insurance coverage? Angel Pardo, president of Doral, Fla.-based DMR Corp., recently spoke to HME News about how he gets the chance to do just that when working with with NASCAR driver Darryll Gwynn's foundation.

HME News: How did you become involved with the Darryll Gwynn Foundation?

Angel Pardo: When he was injured, Darryll immediately became a spokesman for people with spinal cord injuries. Companies would donate equipment for him, and they'd reach out to us to provide it to him.

HME: How do you qualify for a wheelchair from the foundation?

Pardo: There's an application process for people that Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance might have denied for some reason, or if they have no insurance at all. The foundation is a safety net for the people who fall through the cracks.

HME: What is it like to work with the foundation?

Pardo: The foundation is really concerned about meeting the seating needs of the individual, not about the money. We've seen so many funding downturns in other parts of the business; this is a breath of fresh air. And we get to have some fun with it—like adding fairy wings, or making it look like a Ford truck. The whole company gets into it.

HME: Are there any drawbacks?

Pardo: They want it very fast. Usually it takes so long to get a wheelchair funded, we have plenty of time to build the wheelchair, but with this, we have to get right to work, sometimes through the night. Then when we deliver it to the client, we travel with a solution to every possible problem, so we're ready to modify it.


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