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Doing the contract limbo

Doing the contract limbo

“Hey, Theresa, any idea who won contracts?” asked more than a few providers in recent emails.

That, my friends, is the question of the day.

And the answer so far is no, for the most part. Two notable exceptions: Aeroflow Healthcare, which has received 645 contract offers for 108 CBAs; and Rotech Healthcare, which has received contract offers for general HME and standard mobility for all 117 CBAs and respiratory equipment in 116 CBAs.

Oh, and Inogen also made a big sweep—it got respiratory in 93 CBAs.

Rumor has it that CMS is having to extend additional contract offers because providers are rejecting them, and reaching out to nudge offer-ees to get those contracts signed and returned.

As in previous rounds of the bid program, it will be interesting to see who's on the list. And, as the industry continues to scratch its collective head over the latest reduction—an average of 7%—that list of contract suppliers will be closely scrutinized because who the heck keeps lowering the limbo bar with lower bids?

And, once we see the names, we will have a clearer idea on how well various licensure laws, aimed at preventing things like someone in Florida bidding in Hawaii, have worked.

So much for a reporter to follow up on, and yet, I'm in limbo without that list.

Stay tuned.


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