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Dr. Bob Arnot says: 'This is the future'

Dr. Bob Arnot says: 'This is the future'

Dr. Bob Arnot is all over technology that allows consumers to keep digital copies of their key personal healthcare information. The good doctor recently paid a house call to HME News to explain why.

HME News: So what is it about these devices that's got you so excited?

Bob Arnot: I had lunch this summer with the head of the No. 1 technology company in the world. He had a flash drive and he said: "Bob, this is the future. This is how we are going to collect all of the information that will go into larger databases that will allow us to do analysis and then provide better services." The key thing is going to be the analytical engine. What we really want is a very advanced analytical engine that is able to take this and tell you important things like: In your zip code they are over delivering services; you are more likely to have surgery or a procedure or get medicine that you don't need.

HME: That sounds a little futuristic at the moment. What's an immediate use for devices like MedFlash that consumers and providers can take advantage of?

Arnot:  This is a great sell for pharmacies to say, "Hey, you have all of these different medications and you could end up someplace else. Let me dump them all onto your drive, and let me also put on some educational videos, some other information."

HME: You said that a person needs a digital copy of key healthcare information. What do you mean exactly?

Arnot: You don't have to fill out some enormous form with all this stuff about where you went to high school. Look at it as more event generated. You go to the eye doctor, chiropractor, pharmacists or whatnot. There are a couple of key things that you want. If you come in with a bad back, what do I want to look at? I want to look at your MRI. If you come in with chest pains during dinner, I want to look at your old EKG. If I see it is exactly the same, then I've just saved you and the system a lot of money.


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