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Edgepark stands up new team to educate physicians

Edgepark stands up new team to educate physicians

Kattrina RichardsonDUBLIN, Ohio – Edgepark has “leaned into” a new prescriber base for continuous glucose monitors by creating a Provider Engagement Team to drive positive experiences for those new to the technology.  

CMS’s decision last year to expand coverage to beneficiaries with Type 2 diabetes created a huge potential of referrals from primary care physicians who need to be brought up to speed on the therapy, says Kattrina Richardson, vice president of marketing and business development for Edgepark, a division of Cardinal Health at-Home Solutions. 

Richardson estimates there about 250,000 PCPs vs. around 9,000 endocrinologists in the U.S. 

“That’s a vast population that is seeing a high amount of these patients living with Type 2 diabetes, so it’s critical that we’re driving that education with the prescriber,” she said. “What we saw was prescribers that might prescribe once and then decide not to prescribe again because they weren't familiar with the process, or they just didn't really understand what they needed to do with the order.” 

The Provider Engagement Team complements existing sales and order processing capabilities, helping to educate newly prescribing PCPs on e-prescribing technology, coverage criteria and the overall ordering process, says Richardson. 

Edgepark is also focused on ensuring patients are educated and informed as well, she says. 

“We have specialists on staff that can help with clinical education and patients who have questions,” she said. “You know have a population of eligible patients living with Type 2 that might not have had access to some of these diabetes devices in the past, so that level of engagement becomes even more critical. We're seeing really good results, really positive feedback, and high customer satisfaction scores both from the health care providers and from their patients.”   


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