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Enteral nutrition, surgical dressings top error list

Enteral nutrition, surgical dressings top error list

WASHINGTON - Enteral nutrition had the highest error rate (87%) from Targeted Probe and Educate audits in Jurisdiction D.

Noridian Healthcare Services, the DME MAC for Jurisdiction D, posted the error rates from TPE audits (see below) from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017.

AAHomecare has requested that all the DME MACs publish the error rates.

The error rates in Jurisdiction D are:

  • 19%, ankle-foot/knee-ankle-foot orthosis (L4360, L4362, L4386, L4387)
  • 87%, enteral nutrition (B4150, B4152, B4154)
  • 35%, external infusion pumps (E0781, E0784)
  • 76%, glucose monitors (A4253)
  • 14%, hospital beds (E0250, E0260)
  • 9%, immunosuppressive drugs (J7507, J7517, J7518, J7520)
  • 77%, knee orthosis (L1810, L1812, L1832, L1833, L1843)
  • 57%, manual wheelchairs (K000, K0003)
  • 3%, nebulizers (J7605, J7626)
  • 32%, oxygen and oxygen equipment (E1390, E0431)
  • 3%, positive airway pressure (E0601)
  • 34%, spinal orthoses (L0627, L0630, L0631, L0637, L0642, L0643, L0648, L0650)
  • 80%, surgical dressings (A6196, A6197)
  • 13%, therapeutic shoes (A5500)
  • 21%, urological supplies (A4351, A4353, A4358)



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