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Get off your soft chairs

Get off your soft chairs

The DME/HME industry for the past 30 or more years has been cyclic. There have been changes, but most providers have experienced very good years.

But the times are now rapidly changing. CMS and Medicare have been running out of funds. They are looking for every way possible to delay reimbursements. They move forward without any thoughts of how these delays will affect the beneficiaries and providers.

AAHomecare is leading the battle, together with the state DME associations, against these onerous and oppressive changes.

The industry has twice failed to get legislations out of committee that would change this. We cannot allow this to happen once again.  The “market pricing program,” H.R.1717, is still waiting for more congressmen to get on board—or it will fade away! There is so much at stake for every DME/HME dealer.

AAHomecare and the state DME associations will get better results if they obtain much more support. Every DME/HME dealer must become a dues-paying member or face the possibility of having to close their doors. It is that desperate. The cost of membership in both these organizations is so minimal (and written off as a business expense), that I do not comprehend the hesitation.

Dealers must get off their soft chairs and immediately contact both AAHomecare and their state associations. Join now to stay in business. Work with them to protect your company and livelihood. Attend the meetings, go to Medtrade and insure you're staying solvent. By doing this—joining—you will continue to support your families and those of your employees, and most important, all your customers, your senior citizens and bed ridden.

Take a giant step forward by being a joiner!


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