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Good works: AvaCare Medical, Lofta support Hurricane Harvey victims

Good works: AvaCare Medical, Lofta support Hurricane Harvey victims

LAKEWOOD, N.J. - A truck loaded with supplies left for New Jersey for Houston Aug. 30. AvaCare Medical, an online medical supply store, donated thousands of dollars worth of supplies and equipment for flooded nursing home and other victims of devastating Hurricane Harvey. Donations included first aid supplies, gauze, bandages walkers, adult diapers, wipes, reusable and disposable underpads, medical gloves, creams, mouthwash and shampoo.“With more and more news pouring in about Harvey's victims, we realized that as a medical supply company, we are uniquely positioned to offer support to Houston even from our location in New Jersey,” said CEO Steven Zeldes. “Since we have the resources to help, we feel like it is not only an opportunity but an obligation to pitch in when so many people need help so badly."

Lofta donates to relief fund

SAN DIEGO - Lofta will donate of portion of its proceeds to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, established by Houston mayor Sylvester Turner.

“Lofta is part of a personal commitment to help improve quality of life for the millions of people nationwide who suffer from sleep apnea,” said Jay Levitt, principal. “Our company's mission has always been to help people feel better, so naturally, in the wake of this natural disaster we want to be able to support relief efforts in any way we can.”

Those wishing to have a portion of their own CPAP purchase benefit the fund, or to make a direct donation to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund can do so at Lofta's online shop:


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