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Greenleaf: 'Home infusion is a valuable option'

Greenleaf: 'Home infusion is a valuable option'

In his six years in the home infusion business, Dan Greenleaf has seen his share of challenges. Still, the new CEO of Home Solutions says it's an exciting place to be. He spoke with HME News recently about home infusion's role in the “medical neighborhood.”

HME News: Why is this an exciting time for home infusion?

Dan Greenleaf: We have a broken healthcare system in the sense that we are treating patients extremely inefficiently. The home is the preferred choice for the patient, for the payers and for the referral partners. Home infusion and respiratory therapy and durable medical equipment can be an incredibly valuable option for the medical neighborhood—I don't like saying medical home. We are all interconnected.

HME: Consumers are paying more out of pocket. How is that impacting health care?

Greenleaf: If that trend continues, I believe the consumer is ultimately going to revolutionize health care. If I am a consumer, I am saying listen, I want lower cost, higher quality and a higher degree of patient satisfaction. Home infusion can be a place that really addresses a lot of those issues.

HME: What do you think about Medicare's competitive bidding program?

Greenleaf: It has brought an industry to its knees and it's not in the best interest of the patient, given the importance of the services these providers offer. Metabolic disease is the crisis in our country. We don't have the capacity in the hospitals or the money to pay for that care if it's done in the hospital or doctor's office. The last place we should reduce fees is in places where patients get a higher degree of satisfaction.

HME: Home Solutions in recent months has made two acquisitions. Are you looking to do more?

Greenleaf: Part of our profitable growth strategy is to continue to look for M&A opportunities and we'll continue to be opportunistic. In the markets we are in, we are the 800-pound gorilla, but our customers are telling us they want us to have even more density and provide more services.


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