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Handi Medical Supply CEO Mike Bailey searches for his replacement

Handi Medical Supply CEO Mike Bailey searches for his replacement

ST. PAUL, Minn. - After 15 years at Handi Medical Supply—seven as CEO—Mike Bailey is leaving the company and relocating from the upper Midwest to the Southwest to be closer to family.

“I love this job, I love this company and I am proud of what we've accomplished here,” he said, “but I love my family more.”

Bailey, who has been in the HME industry since 1983, spoke with HME News recently about why his departure may be a break but not a goodbye.

HME News: You are leaving Handi Medical Supply, but you are not completely retiring, right?
Mike Bailey: I would love to land in a CEO position. I am considering all the different options that might be afforded me and am open to the right role with the right organization.

HME: One of your last jobs at Handi Medical is finding your replacement. What makes a good CEO in this industry?

Bailey: A commitment to sound principles in leadership, having a clear mission and vision of the organization, and creating a culture that people are attracted to and want to be a part of. Also, finding the right team to join him or her.

HME: Why should someone be attracted to working in the HME industry?

Bailey: Demand has never been higher. There are a lot of Americans that need our products and services. It's very exciting to me that companies who are innovative and are thinking (beyond the barriers) are remaining relevant in these times.

HME: Where could the HME industry make improvements?

Bailey: I think it's how ineffective we have been as an industry of describing to payers, Congress and other stakeholders what our true value is to the healthcare system. We have not done that well and continue to struggle.

HME: Any accomplishments that stand out during your tenure at Handi Medical?

Bailey: The 2012 “Best HME Provider” award. The other thing is, I'm proud of who we have as a leadership team and how we've continued to build the talent in the office. We also continue to stay focused on how we properly serve customers.


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