HHS reopens relief funding

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

WASHINGTON – The Department of Health and Human Services has reopened applications for Medicare-based relief funding and extended the application deadline for Medicaid-based relief, according to AAHomecare. 

The news is especially welcome for providers that did not apply for the $20 billing Tranche 2 funding from the Medicare-based relief fund, the association says. 

“We heard from HME suppliers who were excluded from substantial Medicaid-based relief and reached out to HHS about this problem,” said Tom Ryan, president and CEO. 

The General Distribution (phase 1) was originally dispensed in two parts: Tranche 1 ($30 billion) automatically distributed based on 6% of 2019 Medicare revenue between April 10-17; and Tranche 2 ($20 billion) based on 2% of total net 2018 revenues minus the funding received from Tranche 1.  

Medicare relief 

HHS’s announcement includes a second chance for all health care providers that missed receiving funds from the $50 billion General Distribution funding through the Provider Relief Fund.  

The application portal for the $20 billion Tranche 2 of the General Distribution (phase 1) will reopen from Aug. 10 to Aug. 28. 

AAHomecare believes providers who accepted or rejected General Distribution (phase 1) Tranche 1 payments (those automatically sent to providers in April) and did not apply for Tranche 2 can now apply for Tranche 2. 

Medicaid relief 

Providers who were not eligible for General Distribution (phase 1) Tranche 1 because they are a Medicaid-only provider may now apply for provider relief through the $15 billion Medicaid/CHIP funding mechanism (Phase 2) through Aug. 28. This funding is now called “General Distribution (phase 2): Medicaid, CHIP and Dental Providers.”