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The HME Business Summit and the cult of personality

The HME Business Summit and the cult of personality

Have you ever been to a concert where the band was great but the audience felt a little off? For me, that was when the cult played the Cumberland County Civic Center circa 1990. The effect of that was to bring the overall enjoyment down.

As the HME Business Summit draws to its inevitable close, early reports suggest it was one of the best ever. Great program, gorgeous location, enthusiastic attendees. That's right, enthusiastic attendees really make the event such a must-attend, at least for me. They provide the energy. It's good to meet them, good to get their feedback, nice to watch them network and share war stories.

The big watchwords this year: data and post-acute care. Guess what, your data, should you choose to collect it, can outline for referral sources just what sort of post-acute care you can provide to their patients. That, in turn, can translate to more business and happier healthier patients. As speaker Mike Sperduti told us, his mom had a very satisfactory experience with her HME provider and had a better outcome as a result.

I do think the data message is sinking in for providers. It's the best sales tool you have and I think we'll be seeing more of them grab at fresh opportunities as the market continues to reshape itself.

Check next Monday's newswire for a more complete story. And safe travels. For those of you flying out, please practice safe reclining.


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