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HME Talk says 98% of providers like HME News best

HME Talk says 98% of providers like HME News best

This is flattering and came out of the blue. Earlier this month HME Talk (no relation to HME News) asked its members what industry publication (HME News, Homecare Magazine or HME Business) they read the most.

Guess what? We won.

Here's what HME Talk (an online discussion board, blog, etc.) wrote a week after it posted the survey:

HME News is Tops on Survey
While hardly scientific, our survey last week asking HME Talkers which publications they read (HME News, Homecare Magazine, and HME Business), ended up with HME News as the top publication read, with almost 98% of the respondents saying they read HME News.

Homecare Magazine came in 2nd with about 68% readership, and HME Business had 53%.

Like HME Talk said, this survey was hardly scientific. I don't even know how many people took part, but this third-party survey, which we had nothing to do with, is gratifying, nonetheless.

To everyone who voted for us, thank you very much. We do not take your support for granted.

Mike Moran


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