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HME Woman of the Year Sherry Krug on the benefits of feeling uncomfortable

HME Woman of the Year Sherry Krug on the benefits of feeling uncomfortable

Sherry KrugCENTER LINE, Mich. – Sherry Krug knows how to make a good first impression. She first met the Binsons, of Binson's Medical Equipment & Supplies, while seated at the “Michigan table” during an AAHomecare Washington Legislative Conference. When Bob Binson got wind that her DME company had sold and she planned to retire, he called her up and told her to come work for them. 

“It was the perfect fit because I saw so much potential for all the things I’d spent learning and doing in an environment based solely on serving patients,” said Krug, vice president of business development for Binson’s, which she joined in 2020. “Everyone is on the same page with the same mission.” 

Krug, who was recently named the 2022 HME Woman of the Year, spoke with HME News recently about the importance of leading with empathy and where she gets her inspiration from. 

HME News: How does being a woman inform your role as a leader? 

Sherry Krug: At one point, I was a single mom working as a professional and juggling so much. Women are so dynamic with the ability to be able to take on multiple aspects of dealing with pressure from many different areas. I had that empathy for the women that work for me through COVID trying to get to work and arranging childcare. I can relate and have compassion for all the dynamics that come with that and help build leadership where I see that potential and talent in folks that are juggling. 

HME: What do you see as a key leadership strength of yours? 

Krug: Having the ability to set a vision and get the team’s buy-in by listening and making sure everyone feels their perspective has been heard. Then, getting everyone engaged in the vision and teaching and helping measure how we get there – how do we make changes and adapt when it becomes difficult. 

HME: How do you manage through all the challenges the HME industry has? 

Krug: I love finding the positive in everything and I always find that it always works out. We always look back and learn from things. If we’re not pushing ourselves and not feeling uncomfortable, we can’t grow, so I look at challenges as opportunities for growth. 

HME: Where do you find your inspiration in the everyday workplace? 

Krug: I find so much inspiration in the people that work for me. I’m so appreciative for the work they do and the fact they trust me to be their leader. I am so grateful for the people doing the work, engaging with our patients, and getting in the homes. If you come from a place of guidance, things work better and feel better, and people are happier and they stay longer.


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