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HOMELINK powers growth with ‘better experience’

HOMELINK powers growth with ‘better experience’

Matt WallerWATERLOO, Iowa – HOMELINK, which connects payers and providers, added three national account managers to its team in October to support a growing client base that has driven the company’s revenues to increase 50% in the past five years, says Matt Waller. 

“When you think about what happened from the first quarter of 2020 to the middle of 2021 (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), while there were some pretty significant challenges, we stayed steady,” said Waller, president of HOMELINK. 

Here’s what Waller had to say about how HOMELINK’s account manager-based model is resulting in “a better experience for everyone involved” and how its growth is giving the company, as well as the providers in its network, a bigger seat at the table with payers. 

HME News: You say the company has 50% more account managers now than it ever had sales reps. Why are you doubling down on this model?  

Matt Waller: We started making the transition six or seven years ago – gradually integrating account managers and gradually backing off sales reps. We’ve found account managers can better follow the ins and outs of the referral source’s business and it results in a much tighter integration through the entire referral process. It minimizes gaps in communication. From the time the referral comes to HOMELINK to the time it’s completed, we have buttoned up the communication. That includes the ops team, the payer relations team, the provider network. It’s a better experience for everyone involved. 

HME: Talk about how HOMELINK has expanded the number of service lines it offers, particularly in the workers’ compensation market, and how that has helped to drive the company’s growth. 

Waller: The service lines that we’re offering now include lines we didn’t offer five to seven years ago. By going full service, so to speak, we’re able to capture business from large payers and that has allowed us to grow at a more dynamic rate. When you have an injured worker, there are many service lines involved; it can be a high touch claim that includes DME, complex rehab, home modifications, physical therapy and diagnostic imaging. They may need transportation to and from appointments. The key is providing a high level of customer service and monitoring that. That’s the driving force.  

HME: What’s next for HOMELINK? 

Waller: There is still a lengthy runway for growth for us. There are definitely initiatives that we have underway – new opportunities, new areas, new regions within various service lines. Being a more viable vendor on a nationwide basis with a solid network in all the service lines, we become part of that consideration set when payers are looking to make a change for who they’re working with.


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