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How big will this animal get?

How big will this animal get?

Inogen has seen some traction from a private-label partnership with Applied Home Healthcare Equipment, company officials said during a conference call April 27 to discuss fourth quarter and full year earnings.

Inogen and Applied Home Healthcare have partnered to offer OxyGo, a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator.

“It is still early in the development of that relationship and something that will take many quarters to reach full potential,” said Ali Bauerlein, co-founder and CFO at Inogen. “We have seen traction there thus far.”

Inogen already provides its own POCs both through HME providers and direct to consumers.

Company officials believe providers who aren't comfortable buying from Inogen might be willing to buy from Applied Home Healthcare.

“The fact of the matter is that our business model will preclude a number of DMEs to buy directly from us and, believe it or not, some will buy from OxyGo knowing full well that it is an Inogen product,” said Ray Huggenberger, CEO at Inogen. “So we will see how big this animal gets.”

Applied Home Healthcare Equipment has facilities in Westlake/Cleveland in Ohio, and Beuhlinger and Neustadt Wied in Germany.


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