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HurryCane sees 'real growth' through retailers

HurryCane sees 'real growth' through retailers

MINNEAPOLIS - After taking a year off to strengthen its support services, HurryCane has its retailer program back up and running.

HurryCane now has an in-house team of account representatives to support retailers in everything from ordering to marketing.

“We wanted to make sure everything was handled professionally and responsibly,” said Paul Jackson, chief retail officer. “We very much believe you're only as good as your relationships.”

HurryCane is a foldable walking cane advertised heavily through TV, radio and print. It features a three-pronged foot and a pivot head for balance and stability, and a button on the handle for adjustability.

While HurryCane initially focused on a direct-to-consumer approach, it has since realized that DME is “one of the most assertive segments out there,” Jackson says.

“People would see our ads and go to their local DME provider to see if they were carrying the cane and no one was,” he said. “We want to bring this product to the masses, and we feel that the real growth will be through retailers.”

In addition to support services, HurryCane has improved its ability to direct leads from its ads to the appropriate retailer.

“Between radio, print and TV, there's a multi-million dollar marketing campaign behind the HurryCane,” he said. “People are driven to our website and it is quite clear in showing where stores are located.”

A new and improved retailer program wasn't the only change for HurryCane going in to 2014. Last summer, it shifted manufacturing from China to Minneapolis, and last fall, it released a new and improved version of its cane, called the Freedom Edition, that's 20% lighter and 40% stronger.

“This is what I think makes our model so unique,” Jackson said.


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