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IDTFs to providers: DIY

IDTFs to providers: DIY

Independent diagnostic testing facilities (IDTFs) have been a hotbed for technology in the first half of 2013.

Both Kansas City, Mo.-based Breathe LLC and Port Richey, Fla.-based Advanced Diagnostic Solutions Inc. (ADSI) rolled out new mobile and web-based tools recently designed to help cash- and time-strapped HME providers do their jobs more efficiently—and “on the fly.”

“We're automating as many functions as possible to streamline the process for providers,” said Brandon Womack, president of ADSI.

Breathe easy

The mobile app from Breathe allows for, among other things, viewing and faxing oximetry reports right from a smart phone, making the best use of a provider's time, says Terri Jordan, product development manager.

Case in point: Without the app, if a physician asks a sales rep in his office for another copy of the report, the sales rep has to call a CSR at the office, that CSR has to find the report and fax it, and the physician has to pick it up at the fax machine, she says.

“It's not very seamless, and it weighs down on operational expenses,” she said. “Now, the sales rep can fulfill that request on the fly.”

Additionally, Breathe offers text notifications for oxygen qualifications, Jordan says.

“All they have to do is tap the phone number in the text to call the physician and pick up their sale,” she said.


The Web portal from ADSI allows for tracking, managing and viewing HST reports from any computer or phone with an Internet connection, Womack says.

“It's everything in one central location,” he said.

The portal also eliminates ADSI as the middleman, Womack says.

“It allows them to manage their own patients and referral sources without having interaction with our office,” he said. “They can update themselves as need be.”

The next big step in IDTF technology, according to Womack: integration with billing software programs and electronic health record (EHR) systems.

“There will be more partnering with bigger companies,” he said.


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