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It's time for RTs to get proactive

It's time for RTs to get proactive

Zach Gantt grew up in a family of respiratory therapists who owned DME companies and was cleaning and filling oxygen tanks by age 12. Gantt, vice president of health management services for Alana Healthcare, was recently elected president of the Tennessee Society for Respiratory Care. Gantt took a breather recently to tell HME News why it's so important for RTs to get onboard with healthcare changes.

HME News: Why doesn't COPD get more attention?

Zach Gantt: For most people, their idea of COPD is somebody that smokes until they get a disease. It's kind of like the thought process is that it's their own fault so why would I donate my money?

HME: What do you hope to accomplish during your tenure as president?

Gantt: I hope to change the way we think about health care in the sense of trying to figure ways to be more proactive and to raise the level of knowledge when it comes to changes in health care.

HME: What sort of changes?

Gantt: I gave a presentation to the society in March. When I asked, “Who knows what an ACO is?” not a single RT in the room, except for those who work for Alana, knew what it was. My goal is to raise that level and empower RTs to get involved with those things. If we don't know, we can't effect change and show our value.


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