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Leadership: Bring it all together

Leadership: Bring it all together Q. What should I keep in mind when creating a mindfulness program?

A. Implementing a mindfulness program in your organization can have numerous benefits when done in the right manner. As with any training programs, make sure the mindfulness training you choose will fit with your organizational culture before you begin. Articulating the benefits of the program to your employees is of high importance if you are to get buy-in from them. Employees need to understand the link between the program and the impact mindfulness will have in their everyday work and on their lives. Doing so will empower learners to be more motivated and engaged.

Decide ahead of time the goals of your program. Know how you plan to measure progress toward those goals. Be sure to measure the right goals and understand that mindfulness is not the end result; it is a path to self-awareness. The impact that your mindfulness program will have does not end with your employees and you, it will be passed on to the customer experience as well.

Locate internal advocates of the training so that the program begins with peer-to-peer support. Advocates help share the benefits of mindfulness and are often willing to speak out on how their lives have been improved through their practice.

Start small. Have employees take short 1-5 minute breaks every 90-120 minutes to meditate or take a short walk to give them a break from their desks. If possible, provide a small, quiet space for mindfulness practices, to further encouragement employees to be involved.  

Incorporate mindfulness practices into meetings. Demonstrating mindfulness techniques and asking participants to do a “self-check” of their mental state before beginning, creates connections among team members and keeps meeting goals on track. Encourage creativity and sharing of new ideas in a non-judgmental way. And, as always, celebrate your results.


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