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LifeH2H puts all providers 'on same page'

LifeH2H puts all providers 'on same page'

COLUMBIA, S.C. — LifeH2H has completed an acquisition and plans to launch a new product in 2019 to help other HME providers better position themselves to health systems.

“We believe there's an incredible disconnect between the health system and post-acute care,” said Dewey Roof, president of LifeH2H. “What the (health system's) needs are and what they are looking to accomplish, versus what we have to do to be successful as HME providers.”

The forthcoming LifeH2H Solutions is a software and outcomes management solution that will enable HME providers to work with hospitals to streamline the discharge process, coordinate patient care and improve outcomes.

It's a solution that has worked at LifeH2H, helping the provider to create a better experience for the patient and saving money for the health system, says Roof.

“We feel confident we can help providers raise their offerings to their health systems,” he said. “We can help with what's important to hospitals—a lower length of stay and a lower rate of readmissions.”

To help pull it all together, LifeH2H in October acquired consulting firm Lab Tactical, which will operate as a division within the company called LifeLab.

“We've developed technologies and protocols, but we didn't know how to define what we've done and get the message out,” said Roof. “They are helping us tell the story of how we do what we do.”

LifeLab has taken LifeH2H Solutions and developed content and messaging, created a playbook, and mapped out and documented workflows and processes, says Anna McDevitt, director of customer experience.

“We want to help providers be a link between the patient and other healthcare professionals, with clear communication,” she said.

It's all part of a vision Roof has been working toward since he formed LifeH2H in 2013—and one he feels uniquely qualified for.

“Fundamental to our entire team is an HME background and understanding what is needed to make an HME successful,” he said. “We know what impaired us and we are creating a solution that puts HME providers, payers and health systems all on the same page. That's quite honestly the biggest rub we all have.”


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