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Marketing: Become a resource for searchers

Marketing: Become a resource for searchers Q. Do I need to play in the online/mobile technology space with my marketing strategy?

A. Yes. A recent study done by Google and IPSOS, found that boomers and seniors on average spend more time online than watching TV in an average week. Now, more than ever, it is time for you to bring mobile into your strategy.

The Internet and mobile phones/tablets are a critical part of their everyday routine. It's already the top source for gathering information on topics of interest, bypassing most traditional media. You may be asking, “OK, but how exactly does this fit into my marketing strategy?” Here's how. Regardless of whether you are a provider, an online store, a vendor or a manufacturer, caregivers and seniors are using the Internet and mobile technologies to find answers. Picture this example: a 58-year-old boomer just had his mother discharged from the hospital after a fall. His mother is now at home and will have immediate risks for falling again. This boomer will take to his phone or the Internet and search terms such as “falls at home” or “senior home fall protection.” He will be looking for information on ways, products and information to prevent future falls. It is your job as a provider to create the content that will show up in the search engines that will be relevant to this user's search.

By becoming a resource for these “searchers,” you will be perceived as a helpful resource for the person making the search. Why is this important? Because you no longer are “selling” the products, you are building a relationship. A selling mindset may get you a sale today, but having a helping and relationship-focused mindset will get you the sale today and tomorrow. With this you will build a connection with the customer that your competition cannot.

Justin Racine is marketing and ecommerce manager at Geriatric Medical. Reach him at [email protected]


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