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MedPAC details Medicare spending and more 

MedPAC details Medicare spending and more 

WASHINGTON – The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) has released its 2023 data book on health care spending and the Medicare program. 

The 200-page report provides Medicare data on spending, demographics, beneficiary access to care, and quality of care, among other information. 

Among MedPAC’s findings: 

  • Medicare was the largest single purchaser of personal health care in the U.S., gobbling up 24% of total spend; 

  • Medicare spending by type of service varied, from 18% on DME to 37% on home health. 

  • Medicare spending is expected to double in the next 10 years. 

  • Health care spending per enrollee has grown faster for the privately insured than for beneficiaries in traditional FFS Medicare from 2014-20. 

  • The declining ratio of workers to Medicare beneficiaries threatens the Medicare program’s financial stability. 

The complete list of sections in the report are: National health care and Medicare spending, Medicare beneficiary demographics, Medicare beneficiary and other payer financial liability, dual-eligible beneficiaries, alternate payment models, acute inpatient services, ambulatory care, post-acute care, Medicare Advantage, prescription drugs, and other services. 

View the report here


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