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Medtrade on Mars? Only on April Fool's

Medtrade on Mars? Only on April Fool's

Back when I was in college and worked on our student-run paper, the best issue of the year was during April Fool's week.

All of the writers got the week off, and the editors went crazy thinking up far-fetched and hilarious stories. For that one issue, the Maine Campus became “The Maine Crapus.”

Picture stories about the university president getting fired for drinking Pepsi or the dean of students throwing a kegger, etc.

The basic premise: A lot of “opposite day” style stories with silly inside jokes that really wouldn't make sense outside the Maine Campus readership, often done in the style of tabloids that talk about two-headed robot babies.

I wonder what a satirical version of HME News would look like? Headlines might look something like this:

Medtrade Spring 2014 to be held on the moon: Gaffney recommends spacesuits

Medicare issues clear, sensible guidelines

Dave Bargmann: Eschew social media, try balloon messages 

Lawmakers beg for industry input

Don Clayback, Simon Margolis to skip CRT conference: 'We're sure you guys are all set'

All audits cancelled: Rick Worstell retires to Tahiti

HME News staff to take July, August off to enjoy Maine summer

Shelly Prial: HME industry is 'just OK'

Bennies hate being in community, contributing to society: 'We want to remain in the home'

Any ideas? Leave comments below!


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