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Medtrade Spring 2018: What's the buzz?

Medtrade Spring 2018: What's the buzz?

As a reporter, I'm the one used to asking the questions. At this year's Medtrade Spring show I found myself on the receiving end many times.

Several people asked what product I'd seen I liked the best. Since I am not about to go on the record and play favorites, my answer instead was about the overall of trend of sleeker—and dare I say it, sexier—products coming to market.

Although I did look longingly at the sleek and steamy humidifiers at the booth across from us. I have a lingering cough that is worsened by convention center air. And hotel air. And airplane air.

The other question that came up with some frequency today: What's your favorite thing about coming to the show?

That's easy. I love talking face to face with everyone, putting faces to the names and voices who contribute to HME News in their own way, namely by…answering my questions.

Blast from the past

I (mostly) don't take it personally when people don't take or return my calls, even if they used to speak with me regularly and willingly. On Wednesday, I met Tim Cady of Advanced Diabetes Supply who I spoke with many times in the distant past, but haven't heard from in years.

“Tim Cady! Where have you been?”

We chatted about the changes in diabetes care since we last spoke, like CGMs and the Freestyle Libre. It's good to know they are still out there and going strong.

At the AAHomecare reception that night, I found myself speaking with someone about pharmacy. I hadn't caught his name due to the din coming from the bar, but when he hauled out his nametag—“Oh, Dave Kroll! We've spoken many times in the past.”

You may or may not remember, but Kroll's was one of the original winners of a mail-order diabetes contract. He reminisced about folks offering him big bucks for that contract. How times have changed.

That's a wrap

The show is over, seemingly before it's begun and I hope you all had fun. For those in the new, I've sampled margaritas each day I've been in Las Vegas (not while working), and there's another in my evening plans. My hands down favorite: This one from the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan. 

Like good writing, it doesn't go for a lot of filler.

Keep it simple out there everyone!


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