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Men of action

Men of action

I just finished writing two stories for our August issue about rehab providers that are using technology to improve their productivity.

ATG Rehab recently announced plans to arm all of its 70 rehab technology suppliers (RTSs) with customized tablet PCs to complete documentation in the field and upload it wirelessly. Using the technology, RTSs like Brian Edwards have been able to provide wheelchairs—from evaluation to delivery—in about 65 days instead of 85 days. (The industry average, by the way, is 90 to 100 days.)

Then there's Jim Noland, owner of Presque Isle Rehabilitation. He's beta-testing a Web-based software program that simplifies the process of creating and completing letters of medical necessity (LMNs) for wheelchairs. Noland says he was inspired to develop LMNBuilder after years of getting "gargage letters" from therapists, which hurt his chances of getting paid.

These rehab providers aren't just complaining about cuts—and there's plenty to complain about.

They're men of action.

Liz Beaulieu


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