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Merlexi wheelchairs stand the test of water

Merlexi wheelchairs stand the test of water

Not so long ago, it might have seemed odd to suggest that a wheelchair user should cool off in the pool on a hot day without first transferring to a lift.

But that was before the Craft Liberty 1, made by Merlexi Craft was on the market.

HME News caught up recently with Jane Hermes, Merlexi's founder and designer, to get some background on the product and hear how the market has responded.

HME News: How did you come to develop this product?

Jane Hermes: Our initial interest was in having a really good, ergonomic, lightweight chair that didn't break down as manual chairs often do, to address the needs of the oldest population. 

HME: Was it developed specifically for swimming?

Hermes: Actually, it was the customers who saw that value. We always knew it was great for the shower, because it's easy to clean and doesn't rust like traditional chairs. And, now, with hospitals having problems with MRSA and other pathogens, they put them through a sort of car wash.

HME: What kind of difference does the ability to swim make in a wheelchair user's life?

Hermes: It means the world to the wheelchair users. The individuals who have found us are exuberantly happy. This is a very strong chair that can be used for the lifetime of the user, even in pools. 

HME: Is this covered by insurance?

Hermes: We don't deal with insurance, although we are happy to make an invoice for customers that they can submit. hme


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