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NRRTS ‘seizes’ momentum

NRRTS ‘seizes’ momentum

Andrea MadsenLUBBOCK, Texas – iNRRTS has spent the first part of 2024 contributing to repair reform efforts, hitting a milestone for its CRT Supplier Certification Program and engaging with its registrants in new ways, says Executive Director Andrea Madsen.  

Madsen, along with Weesie Walker, former executive director of iNRRTS, teamed up for a webinar on May 23 to review the best practice guideline for wheelchair service, preventative maintenance and repair, and share why it matters in the current environment, where wheelchair users can experience lengthy delays. 

“The guideline is not the resolution itself, but hopefully it’s a tool to make sure everyone’s voice in the process is being heard,” Madsen said. 

The four-page guideline, published last year, was developed by iNRRTS and the University of Pittsburgh through a grant project, incorporating feedback from multiple stakeholders, including clinicians and consumers. 

iNRRTS also expects to draw on the research conducted to develop the guideline to publish a separate paper specifically on the consumer experience later this year, Madsen says. 

“It will (highlight) the challenges they meet in trying to make sure repairs are done in an appropriate fashion,” she said. 

Knowledge level achieved 

At press time, iNRRTS was within 30 days of releasing the 10th and final course for level 1 of its CRT Supplier Certification Program, Madsen says. 

“It’s such a wonderful tool to help people who are looking to start a career or who want to transition their career to the supplier side to give them the knowledge base they need,” she said. 

iNRRTS expects level 2 of the program, led by Walker, to be a deeper dive into pediatrics, wheelchair fittings (for manual and power wheelchairs), programming and business practices. 

Work it out 

As it looks to ensure the health of its registry, iNRRTS is focusing on engaging new registrants or existing registrants who haven’t been as active in helping to lead and shape the organization through a new work group, Madsen says. 

“There are so many professionals out there with great ideas,” she said. “We want to make sure they feel included and heard, and they have the opportunity to seize how we move forward.”


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