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NSM engages clients to heighten experience

NSM engages clients to heighten experience

stephanie buckleyFRANKLIN, Tenn. – National Seating & Mobility is taking “a more intimate approach” to client experience with its recently formed Consumer Insights Council, says Stephanie Buckley, vice president of marketing. 

The company already sends a third-party customer satisfaction survey to all clients when orders are completed, using the feedback to pinpoint where it needs to improve the experience. It also conducts qualitative and quantitative research bi-annually. 

“We added the council to take a more intimate approach to client care as it gives us the opportunity to receive feedback in real time about programs and initiatives we are rolling out,” Buckley said. 

To assemble the council, NSM invited ATPs to submit referrals for clients and caregivers. It then reviewed the referrals and selected a group of members that reflected a variety of ethnicities, diagnoses/conditions, geographic locations, ages and genders to best represent a cross-section of its client population. 

Council members will participate in virtual quarterly meetings focused on roundtable discussions on prioritized topics. 

“Consistent interactive discussions with this group of clients gives us an even better understanding of their needs, which helps us continue to evolve the client experience,” Buckley said. “Creating opportunities to connect, communicate and cultivate relationships with this group helps strengthen our ability to serve all our clients. Accountability is key to best-in-class service and personally listening, engaging in conversation, and responding to direct client feedback helps us ensure we are serving with excellence.” 

NSM believes the council’s discussions also have the potential to more broadly impact the complex rehab industry. 

“Collaborating with this council to explore CRT consumer experiences will not only help us elevate the NSM client experience, but it also has the potential to inspire the industry’s focus on the next level of client care,” Buckley said. 

Meet the council 

What do you think you can contribute to the council? 

Martha Siravo, spinal cord injury, founder of Wheels & Heels and a bronze-level wheelchair ballroom dancer: “I come with my personal experience of sustaining a life-altering injury at a young age, I can see things as a mom and caregiver, and I am a problem solver who believes in collaboration. The various advocacy situations that I’ve had to do for my daughter, myself or my community allows me to have a well-rounded perspective.” 

What kind of insights, specifically, do you plan to contribute? 

Jason Price, cerebral palsy, vocational rehabilitation professional: “I hope that I can highlight the needs of the clients, especially those who are working or aspire to work. I hope I can inspire NSM to be the national trendsetter I think they can be. I believe NSM has the ability to change the political landscape of the complex rehab industry for the better of those we serve.” 

In your mind, what should be a top priority of not only NSM but any complex rehab provider? 

Kaity Ellis, cerebral palsy, Americans With Disability Act coordinator: “You are taking care of people first, not the medical equipment. If you didn't have people that needed medical equipment or rehab services, would there be a complex rehab industry? That is a question we all have to ask ourselves.”  

If the consumer/caregiver perspective was taken more into account, how would the provision of complex rehab be different? 

Calvan Ferguson, cerebral palsy, happily married with two children: “In this life we go through phases just like everyone else and to think of us as patients all the time really underestimates the true difference that the equipment makes. After overcoming what would hold us back there's a whole world of new possibilities and responsibilities.”


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