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NSM leans in to women leaders

NSM leans in to women leaders

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Regina Evans and Rachael Crocker believe a new resource group at National Seating & Mobility can help women embrace and elevate their more balanced approach to the business and workplace. 

Evans, director of HR for the central region, and Crocker, director of marketing, give a rundown on the Women’s Resource Group, which currently focuses on women in leadership positions but will eventually be open to all women at the company. 

HME News: What’s the mission of the group? 

Regina Evans: It’s to provide an inclusive community. We seek to inspire, encourage, and stand alongside women and give them the chance to advance and lead change in the business. We want to provide them with the space to network and create a community of mentorship. 

Rachael Crocker: We have so many amazing women that contribute to not only NSM but also the industry, and we need to come together to have our voices heard a little more. 

HME: What is the structure of the group? 

Evans: We have four subgroups that are running right now focusing on work-life balance, professional branding and mentoring, as well as a Lean In circle. They all determine their own cadence, in terms of when they meet, but they typically involve guest speakers, workshops, things like that. 

HME: Tell me more about the Lean In circle. 

Evans: The group is reading Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In and discussing it and sharing their thoughts and reactions to it. It’s all about using your voice, getting a seat at the table, and learning to say no when you need to. 

HME: What does iRegina Evanst mean to work for a company that’s prioritizing an effort like this? 

Crocker: It shows that the organization recognizes the importance of having representation at the table. If everyone has the same exact experiences, you’re always going to get the same results. 

Evans: It also shows we’re a best-in-class employer. It’s a way to not only attract the best talent but also to retain that talent. 

HME: How does a company benefit from having women well represented in its leadership? 

Crocker: In my experience, women bring a very balanced approach to the workplace, where it’s OK to have a life outside of work. That’s refreshing. While we are career driven and care about work and the mission, there’s more to us than that, and that contributes to our success at work. 

Evans: There’s so much talk about the importance of being an empathetic leader, and that’s really where women shine. 

HME: What other resource groups are in the works? 

Evans: Millennials and Gen Z, minorities, women ATPs and techs – there are so many opportunities. We’re hoping the Women’s Resource Group sets the tone for these. 


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