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NSM sees 'steady growth' in home accessibility

NSM sees 'steady growth' in home accessibility

FRANKLIN, Tenn. - National Seating & Mobility launched its home accessibility business in 2015 and thanks to its recent acquisition of Columbus Medical Equipment in Columbus, Ohio, it now has 14 AcccessNSM locations in 12 states.

Columbus Medical has a home accessibility business, paving the way for AccessNSM's first location in Ohio.

“We will continue to embrace organic growth, as well as opportunities to expand through acquisitions and partnerships with like-minded companies that share our passion to serve,” said Bill Mixon, CEO.

NSM, one of two national complex rehab providers, also bought Home Health Depot's home accessibility business in 2016, adding Indiana to the list of states it serves.

AccessNSM, which offers stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, ramps, door openers and barrier-free showers, has “maintained steady growth at a strategic pace,” Mixon says.

“We see significant synergies in the complex rehab and home accessibility markets,” he said. “Strategic investments will enable us to leverage these synergies to continue to expand our reach to those in need of solutions. We are excited about the future for AccessNSM.”

Unlike complex rehab, the home accessibility market is largely free of regulatory requirements, making it an attractive business, Mixon said.

“Home accessibility is a less complicated process as most sales involve cash transactions,” he said.

NSM first cracked into the home accessibility market in October 2014, when it packaged up the home accessibility businesses of several acquisitions, including Hudson Seating & Mobility, as a “single brand.”

“We are in the accessibility market to stay and will continue to enhance our platform to accommodate continued growth over the next few years,” Mixon said.



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