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One Drop targets cardiovascular disease

One Drop targets cardiovascular disease

NEW YORK – While One Drop has made a name for itself in the diabetes management space, the provider of digital health solutions understands there’s a lot of existing overlap between diabetes and a host of other chronic conditions.  

It recently launched, in partnership with Bayer, a cardiovascular prevention module to help users reduce cardiovascular disease risk. The user-friendly mobile app offers a platform for consumers looking for ways to engage with their health, says Rachel Yap-Martens, senior vice president of commercial strategy and consumer solutions for One Drop. 

“We provide the ability to take that first step with a digital health partner or ally that makes it less overwhelming than doing it by yourself,” she said. “We (hear) from users themselves how pleased their doctors have been with their progress and that’s reinforcing for that user. They are thrilled to be in a positive discussion rather than shaming or somehow makes them feel guilty about managing chronic conditions.” 

One Drop and Bayer’s digital first approach to cardiovascular disease prevention includes a holistic set of digital tools and coaching that personalize care, gather data and provide actionable insights. 

One Drop already has more than 32 billion data points, like glucose levels, heart rate, food intake, physical activity and medications that it has used to shape the module and is constantly collecting additional data as adoption of its technology expands, says Yap-Martens.  

“We have seen One Drop users reduce A1C,” she said. “We’ve also seen users more readily engaged in physical active and healthy nutrition habits from previous studies.”  

In partnership with Bayer, One Drop will continue to define new markets for user-centric digital solutions, says Yap-Martens. 

“Bayer is a world class company and with our data wealth and our behavioral health (capabilities) we are to bring together new solutions to empower users to engage with their health in a way that’s accessible,” she said. “We’re grateful for their trust in our platform and I think we’re both very excited.”


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