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Option Care's new CEO: Home infusion at 'interesting intersection'

Option Care's new CEO: Home infusion at 'interesting intersection'

BANNOCKBURN, Ill. - Option Care kicked off the new year with a new CEO, John Rademacher, who had previously served as interim CEO and COO. Rademacher, whose resume includes executive level roles at Cardinal Health and Cigna, says the home infusion sector is at an “interesting intersection between high quality and appropriate costs.”

“Payers, health systems and pharmaceutical manufacturers are realizing that home infusion offers a real important service to patients,” he said.

Rademacher spoke with HME News recently about where he hopes to lead Option Care going forward.

HME News: What's behind Option Care's success?

John Rademacher: First and foremost it's our people. We've got a great team of highly qualified and trained professionals and that has been part of the heritage of Option Care over a nearly 40-year history. We focus on the patient and it's in everything we do as an organization. We also have been investing substantially into the business, into our people, into our processes, technology and equipment at a pace that is allowing us to not only grow, but also take market share to win in the marketplace.

HME: Are you seeing a lot of new infusion drugs coming to the market?

Rademacher: The pipeline of new drugs is robust for infusible products. We are fortunate enough to work closely with a manufacturer on a new product for ALS, Radicava, that we are their primary home infusion provider for. We are in continuous conversations with other innovators and pharmaceutical manufacturers for the introduction of additional products that we think will continue to drive growth in home infusion and growth for Option Care.

HME: What are some challenges you see ahead for the home infusion industry?

Rademacher: As the healthcare industry shifts from fee-for-service to value based, we need to make certain that we are in a position to articulate that value and the overall reduction in the cost of care. We are focusing around making certain that we are data driven and we are driving superior clinical outcomes and articulate that.

HME: As an industry leader, do you feel a responsibility to take a leadership role on behalf of the industry?

Rademacher: We are active in support of the National Home Infusion Association, and we are active in support of lobbying efforts and of our employees to make certain that our voices are heard whenever we can. We lobby and campaign on behalf of the interest of the patient as Congress continues to consider not only the fix for the Cures Act, but to make certain we are being well represented in any decisions that are being made on a legislative basis.


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