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Oventus and Aeroflow get first distribution agreement

Oventus and Aeroflow get first distribution agreement

BRISBANE, Australia - Oventus Medical announced May 25 that Aeroflow Healthcare has executed its first subcontract to provide patients of Regional Health Diagnostics with the O2Vent Optima oral treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

“We have been working with Aeroflow for 15 years as the primary CPAP provider for our OSA patients,” said Jeff Ragan, president and CEO of Regional Health Diagnostics, which operates 12 sleep labs across Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and North and South Carolina. “There was no hesitation in broadening our offering to include the O2Vent Optima within a lab model across our sleep centers. Many patients need an alternative and now we can make sure they get that choice.”

Oventus, Aeroflow and Regional Health Diagnostics will first launch the lab-in-lab model at two sleep labs in Tennessee, which is in the process of lifting sheltering-in-place orders due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Per their agreement, Aeroflow and Regional Health Diagnostics will have to treat a minimum of 20 patients with the Optima per site, per month, once fully operational. The agreement has a term of three years, with an automatic three-year renewal.

“This is only the beginning of my vision for Aeroflow,” said Eric Mongeau, national sales director of Aeroflow. “I plan to expand sleep services and the lab-in-lab model across the U.S.”

Oventus announced in February an agreement with Aeroflow to provide the Optima through the provider's locations and direct-to-consumer e-commerce platform, and through agreements with referring sleep clinics across the Southeastern U.S.


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