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Oxygen Management: Weigh costs of delivery model

Oxygen Management: Weigh costs of delivery model Q. What is the best strategy in converting my oxygen therapy fleet into a non-delivery model?

A. With the recent cuts in reimbursement, home care providers are looking to get every penny out of every transaction. Taking advantage of an oxygen non-delivery model eliminates service costs for the provider and puts them in position to thrive in the low reimbursement era.

Most manufacturers have designed products and crafted programs designed to make this possible for providers. A good option to convert an existing fleet is to look into the pricing options on bundling portable and stationary oxygen concentrators. Bundling a portable and stationary oxygen concentrator offers savings and full coverage for the patient's need for therapy during day-to-day activities and an affordable stationary for at-home delivery.

Providers are encouraged to talk to their manufacturer's sales representative about these bundling options, and have a discussion to establish the cost of ownership. This exercise can help the provider compare the cost of regular maintenance of a concentrator bundle to the upkeep and deliveries of cylinders, and after hours, and weekend calls.

Also, remember there are plenty of leasing programs available through the manufacturer to allow the homecare provider to get the monthly payment they need to maximize their cash flow.



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