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OxyGo sees sleep market as ‘great opportunity’

OxyGo sees sleep market as ‘great opportunity’

Victoria MarquardORLANDO, Fla. – OxyGo first started selling CPAP devices in 2021, when providers were struggling with inventory due to a major recall and supply chain challenges, then officially launched OxyGo SLEEP in late 2022.  

The company, which already sells portable oxygen concentrators, used its network to tap into a vendor overseas for CPAP devices that had been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under Emergency Use Authorization. 

“When we found it, we thought, ‘This is a great opportunity for us and for suppliers,’” said Victoria Marquard-Schultz, CEO. “It gave us something to sell and distribute and gave our customers the CPAPs they desperately needed. It was serendipitous, how it worked out.” 

OxyGo SLEEP includes CPAP devices, travel batteries, sanitizers and accessories, as well as a web-based compliance portal called CLOUD. 

As a small company in a market with well-established competitors, OxyGo’s strategy is not to compete on price but on service, Marquard-Schultz says. While its initial focus last year was to get CPAP devices into the hands of providers, regardless of the technology, it has since worked closely with providers to further develop the line, particularly CLOUD. 

OxyGo’s portal, for example, allows providers to segment out branches and allows them to set admin rights, she says. 

“Because we’re scrappy, we can focus on differentiating ourselves,” she said. “We worked with providers and got their feedback to make sure our products had what they wanted. This is just the first version. We have more features that we’re implementing.” 

OxyGo is selling SLEEP products strictly through the provider channel, Marquard-Shultz says. 

“They’re the people who can give the best care,” she said, “and we’re here to support them in however they need to do that.”


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