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Erika Bogan of North Carolina was crowned Ms. Wheelchair America 2010 last week. Bogan, from Huntsville, is working on a bachelor's degree in psychology. She began using a wheelchair in 2002 after an automobile accident. The runners-up were: Kimberly Yeoman of Utah (fourth runner-up); Amber Marcy of Michigan (third runner-up); Alyson Roth of California (second runner-up); and Jannette Saxton of Washington state (first runner-up). Bogan succeeds Michelle Colvard of Texas, Ms. Wheelchair American 2009.

Wait a minute: A while back, I posted a blog about Kate Matelan of Pennsylvania being crowned Ms. Wheelchair USA 2010.

Ms. Wheelchair America

Ms. Wheelchair USA

Shouldn't these programs join forces?

Liz Beaulieu


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