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Paper is in the past, says Apacheta

Paper is in the past, says Apacheta

MEDIA, Pa. - More providers are making the switch to mobile solutions and the results speak for themselves. After tapping Apacheta's Transport Manager and TransportACE, one provider saw an increase of 2,500 new confirmed orders each month and reduction of DSO by eight days. HME News recently spoke with Aimee Swope, customer success specialist for Apacheta, about the benefits of going paperless.

HME News: Have you noticed more providers shifting to mobile?

Aimee Swope: Given the tools and technology we have today, paper is definitely not efficient. We see more and more providers moving to a paperless environment in an effort to improve their operational efficiencies and bottom-line performance.

HME: How long has it taken to get to this point in terms of early adopters vs. late adopters? 

Swope: We launched our platform for HMEs and DMEs in June 2015 and within the first 12 months we experienced a 120% increase in new customers. In 2017 alone we saw a continued growth of 51% new customers.

HME: What are some of the general benefits?

Swope: Dispatchers and customer service representatives have complete visibility of the field staff in real time and are able to shift their focus from tracking down delivery technicians to patients and referral sources. The lengthy process of obtaining patient signatures is also eliminated with mobile. Patients only need to sign once and the signature is applied to the rest of the document and automatically sent to the billing department.

HME: How can HME providers ensure buy-in from their employees?

Swope: The best way is by communicating the benefits and efficiencies. While the software provides operational and bottom-line benefits to the overall organization, it also streamlines the workloads of individual employees.

HME: Where do you see the technology moving in the future?

Swope: Our customers can look forward to more insightful tools to allow them to manage their delivery workflows in areas of delivery technician visibility and performance, illumination of order type service costs, more robust and numerous data integration capabilities for back end systems, as well as additional modalities of care such as pharmacy and home health.



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