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Parachute eases transition

Parachute eases transition

PRINCETON, N.J. - Parachute Health recently launched an end-to-end ordering solution to help HME providers and their referral sources ease into e-prescribing.

The solution still allows the use of fax machines, but everything is centralized in a digital intake platform.

“If a fax order needs to be fixed, it gets sent back digitally through the platform,” said Brandon Zaharoff, vice president of strategy, marketing and data for Parachute Health. “Then the provider gets a fax or email or text with link to fix that order in the platform. It gives them a nice trial.”

While there are e-fax platforms, Zaharoff says only Parachute brings together e-fax and e-prescribing, keeping providers and referral sources in one system.

Parachute has also launched an iPhone app for sales reps that notifies them of any new activity, including order push-backs and patient refills, helping them to prioritize their day.

“If you're a sales rep today, you're maybe getting a lot of emails coming at you and maybe some texts from your CSRs,” Zaharoff. “If you're working in sales force or other ERP, you also have to log into that to look at different accounts. It's a lot of information in different places, making it hard for the sales rep to prioritize.

At the same time that Parachute has been trying to ease the transition to e-ordering, the COVID-19 pandemic has gone a long way to accelerate adoption, Zaharoff says, something that has been a challenge in the past.

“We're seeing a lot more people adopting it on the referral side,” he said. “It's a priority of a lot of major health systems. Now that they've dealt with most of the emergency around the pandemic, they're looking at how to optimize their workflow for this new world where it's not always possible to be in person and have sales reps coming into the hospital or doctor's office.”


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