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Politics as usual

Politics as usual

If you are in any way affiliated with the HME industry Tom Ryan won't let you off the hook.

Especially when he's got a new bill to push. I spoke to Tom last week about the introduction of the long-awaited House bill. These conversations with Tom often have him issuing the rallying cry for the industry to drum up support among their respective lawmakers. I think this alone is probably a full time job.

As I was wrapping things up and saying goodbye Tom interrupted me.

“Theresa, have you reached out to your lawmakers yet?”

That caught me slightly off-guard (hey, I'm the one asking the questions here).

But truthfully, as I told Tom, I haven't, mainly because reporters need to stay out of the picture, so to speak.

This is not always easy. After a couple of years crisscrossing the Hill with Karyn Estrella, I often felt an urge to speak up with enthusiasm about what providers do, or explain exactly what is wrong with competitive bidding. But I don't. It's not my place (especially that time I was booted from Sen. Kerry's office simply for being a reporter—and the senator wasn't even there!).

Eh. It's all material.

I am happy to report that both of Maine's senators are original cosponsors of S. 2312.

I am not happy to report that, at last check, none of Maine's representatives are currently signed on to H.R. 4185. Unfortunately, we just learned that neither bill, nor bills aimed at CRT accessories will be included in the omnibus bill. While both bills will remain live, I give you permission to take a Holiday break from lobbying (sorry, Tom).


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