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Precision Medical wants users to Live Active

Precision Medical wants users to Live Active

Live Active FiveNORTHHAMPTON, Pa. - Precision Medical will have not only a new portable oxygen concentrator but also a new brand and website some time this fall.

The company plans to launch a new five-liter POC called Live Active Five with features that include a dual-curved body (so users can wear it on their right or left hip); a replaceable lithium ion battery with up to 6.5 hours of life; and vacuum pressure swing adsorption technology for cleaner and longer-lasting sieve beds.

“We have a blog called Live Actively, so that's where we drew the name for the new product,” said Philip Geanacopoulos, marketing manager for Precision Medical. “People want to live actively. They want to run errands. They want to go out to dinner. This gives them that ability.”

The Live Active Five joins Precision Medical's existing three- and five-liter POCs, as well as what it calls a transportable TOC, or total oxygen concentrator.

Despite recent changes to the go-to-market strategies for other POCs, Precision Medical will continue to sell its POCs strictly through the HME provider network, Geanacopoulos says.

“We have relationships with national providers, regional providers, mom-and-pop providers,” he said. “We have a sales force out there and we distribute our products through providers. We let them decide if they want to put it out as a Medicare rental or as a cash product. We support them either way.”

Precision Medical also plans to unveil a new website at The company's logo will look more modern, including a logo specifically for social media with just a PM, instead of Precision Medical, and a matrix of dots representing a mist of oxygen.

“We've already rolled out our rebranding on our social media channels,” Geanacopoulos said.

The new website will also look more modern; be optimized for mobile devices and host the Live Actively blog, formerly at

“We have thousands of products and we've had to develop pages for every product,” Geanacopoulos said. “It's been a Herculean task.”



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