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Product launches: ResMed, Tandem Diabetes Care 

Product launches: ResMed, Tandem Diabetes Care 

ResMed has launched its AirCurve 11 series of bilevel devices. The AirCurve 11 uses two levels of support – inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP) and expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP) –and is also built on the company’s AirSense 11 platform. Other features include integrated heated humidifier, engagement tools like AirView, myAir and Personal Therapy Assistant. “Patient care is our top priority, and that includes their comfort and compliance with PAP therapy,” said Dr. Carlos M. Nunez, the company’s chief medical officer. “We’ve seen patient compliance improve from 70% to 87% through the use of coaching features and the ability to track and view their nightly sleep data via myAir and AirView, so we’ve incorporated these digital health applications into the new AirCurve11 series to enable maximum comfort and support throughout the therapy experience.”  FMI: 

Tandem Diabetes Care has announced the commercial launch of its newest insulin pump system, Tandem Mobi with Contro-IQ technology for people ages 6 and up living with Type 1 diabetes. Control-IQ, an advanced hybrid closed-loop automated insulin delivery feature, predicts and helps prevent high and low blood sugar, and has demonstrated improved time in range throughout the day and night in numerous controlled clinical trials and real-world studies. Features of the system also include expanded wearability and mobile control. “This tiny, wearable pump exceeded the expectations of users from an early access program, and we are thrilled to begin offering this exciting new technology to more people in the diabetes community,” said John Sheridan, president and CEO. "With this launch, we are executing on our strategy to offer a differentiated portfolio of durable insulin pumps, providing choice, along with new options in wearability.” FMI:  


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