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Q&A: Barry Steelman amplifies NCART’s message

Q&A: Barry Steelman amplifies NCART’s message

Barry SteelmanWASHINGTON – Barry Steelman is bringing a trove of insights from his 20 years of experience in the complex rehab industry to help NCART enhance its marketing efforts. 

Here’s what Steelman, founder of Steelman Marketing and former team member at Permobil and Stealth, had to say about his vision for NCART's future growth and impact. 

HME News: Why have you stuck with complex rehab over the years? 

Barry Steelman: When I first came into the complex rehab industry someone said to me, “You will never leave.” At first, I was taken back to the Hotel California by the Eagles, “You can check out any time you want but you can never leave.” It wasn’t until I had my first encounter with an end user, and they shared with me how the products I was representing had changed their life and even allowed them to live a life they hadn’t thought possible. That resonated with me in a way I had not experienced before. (It was) a feeling that my efforts were truly making a difference in people’s lives. 

HME: Why is it important for NCART to enhance its marketing efforts? 

Steelman: Working with suppliers and manufacturers of CRT equipment, NCART has a very important mission to educate and advocate to protect access to this equipment. Getting the message out to as many as possible is key. Marketing, social media and promotions are a part of that plan. 

HME: What are your objectives in your new role? 

Steelman: My goal is to help NCART Executive Director Wayne Grau reach as many manufacturers, providers, suppliers and end users as possible and to help build a group of advocates that can be called upon at any time to help influence local and national policies as it relates to the complex rehab technology industry. 


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