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Q&A: Brian Finsterbusch’s commitment beyond conflict

Q&A: Brian Finsterbusch’s commitment beyond conflict

Brian FinsterbuschCOLUMBUS, Ohio – Brian Finsterbusch, vice president of sales at JANZ and a former U.S. Army medic, spoke to HME News recently about the company’s $1 million donation in medical supplies and the personal reasons driving his commitment. 

HME News: Can you share some of your background as an Army medic? 

Brian Finsterbusch: I served as a combat medic stationed at Fort Sam Houston before relocating to Ohio with the 285th Area Support Medical Company. My experiences include extensive collaboration with the 3rd group Special Forces, including a joint training mission in France, alongside the French Special Forces. Subsequently, I've been involved in numerous large-scale government contracts, both domestically and internationally, particularly in Ukraine. 

HME: How does being a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business shape JANZ’s approach? 

Finsterbusch: We're trained to confront challenges head on. This commitment was one of the driving forces behind hosting our 2023 International Healthcare Summit in Kyiv. We felt that the most effective way to make a tangible impact was to immerse our attendees in the reality of the conflict zone, allowing them to witness the situation firsthand. 

HME: Your wife is Ukrainian and still has family there. How much does this hit home? 

Finsterbusch: The impact on my family has been profoundly distressing. My wife, Anastasiia, was born and raised in Kharkiv, and her father, along with several other relatives, remains there. Given his age, her father is unable to leave Ukraine due to the draft. Anastasiia constantly monitors her phone and group chats, where updates reveal the devastation caused by bombs tearing through her city. I wouldn’t wish this level of stress on anyone. Despite the immense challenges, Anastasiia finds solace in the knowledge that our efforts are providing some measure of hope to other Ukrainians through our training initiatives.


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