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Quantum Rehab gives RWD some love 

Quantum Rehab gives RWD some love 

Quantum Rehab gives RWD some love 

DURYEA, Pa. – Quantum Rehab has produced a nearly six-minute documentary on the creation of its new R-TRAK rear-wheel drive power base as a testament to the work its R&D team has put into the product and the benefits it provides users. 

The company’s last big launch in this product category was about a decade ago, making it a prime candidate for applying some of the advancements it has already made over the years to its front- and mid-wheel drive power bases. 

“This is a milestone for our R&D team,” said Rhonda Perko, vice president, marketing, Pride Mobility Products and Quantum Rehab. “They dedicated several years to this, and we really wanted to do something to acknowledge that. The documentary itself is history in the making.” 

The doc, made with Coal Creative, details everything from what sparked the innovation behind the R-TRAK (a request from the company’s international team to update the Rival RWD power base) to why there’s a need for RWD power bases (with higher max speeds and increased stability, they’re more suitable for outdoor use) to how it has been enhanced (an independent suspension, for example, makes the base more comfortable, without compromising stability). 

Perko says the doc’s “beginning to end” perspective on the development of the R-TRAK goes beyond brand awareness to show assistive technology professionals (ATPs), clinicians, therapists and wheelchairs users “what we’re all about.” 

“People only typically see the end product,” she said. “They don’t see the buildup or the actual process of looking at something to make sure it’s right for the consumer. The human aspect is missing. The documentary really gives you that inside look of how personal this was for this team.” 

The doc is a love letter of sorts for RWD bases, which “don’t get a lot of love,” says Mike Vandeveer, vice president, R&D, Quantum Rehab. 

“For those who grew up with rear-wheel drive, there aren’t a ton of options and it’s disappointing,” he said. “We wanted to change that.” 

It’s still early days, but the R-TRAK, which was officially launched in mid-September, has been a hit, Vandeveer says. 

“The users of the Rival swear by it, so they had high expectations, and it has surpassed expectations,” he said. “It’s been really inspiring.” 


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