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Quinlan’s Pharmacy and Medical Equipment works to help slow pandemic

Quinlan’s Pharmacy and Medical Equipment works to help slow pandemic

WAYLAND, N.Y. – Provider John Quinlan has been working the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, both taking care of patients and advocating for vaccine access for his employees and the general public. 

As both a home medical equipment provider and a pharmacy, he’s well positioned to do both. 

“We’re working with hospitals and other providers to secure beds and concentrators – there’s a huge shortage of both right now,” said Quinlan, president and CEO of Quinlan’s Pharmacy & Medical Equipment, during an episode of the HME News in 10 podcast. “We’re trying to send a message: It’s a dire emergency. We’re looking forward to helping slow the pandemic with this vaccine.” 

Quinlan, who is president of the Northeast Medical Equipment Providers Association and an AAHomecare Ambassador, was a recent guest of the “HME News in 10” podcast, to talk about the importance of everyone working together to get ahead of the public health emergency. 

HME News: What was the reaction of you and your employees to the vaccine? 

John Quinlan: Normally it’s three or four years to get through all the channels, so it’s pretty impressive. Now, (it’s a matter of) getting it out to the right parties and figuring out the priorities is another challenge. But you’re seeing county health departments working together with hospitals and physician practices to get everybody vaccinated. I think we’re well on our way.  

HME: How were you able to secure the vaccine for your employees and has the vaccine had an impact on morale? 

Quinlan: The county health department reached out to us and we’re also part of a community pharmacy enhanced services network so we were able to get on that priority list – basically just reaching out to whoever. It kind of put us toward the top that we’re delivering oxygen and hospital beds and trying to keep people in their home to slow the spread. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Most of the staff has been willing to get vaccinated. It gives them another sense of security and being a big part of that front line of health care workers trying to slow the spread. 

HME: Will you be administering vaccines, as well? 

Quinlan: Yes. As a pharmacy we’re in a pilot with New York state. But in New York, there’s still a shortage and it’s somewhat disorganized as far as the requirements for the Pfizer vaccine because it has to be a certain temperature. The ball is ever moving and the priorities change. We’re looking forward to helping slow the pandemic with this vaccine. A lot of independent pharmacies will be administering it. 

HME: Last year was rough all around. How are you feeling about 2021? 

Quinlan: We’ve worked with insurances, AAHomecare, state associations, VGM – we have all come together in these challenges with a great alliance and a greater value put on DME. We actually do keep people at home and I actually see us being stronger going forward. 

To listen to the podcast, go here


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