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The ROHO Group makes its case

The ROHO Group makes its case

The ROHO Group, a manufacturer of wheelchair seat cushions, was the driver behind an article in the Belleville News-Democrat today about how healthcare reform would negatively impact local businesses. The manufacturer tells the newspaper that its 250 employees could be affected by certain provisions in the bill, including one that calls for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) to implement a competitive bidding program for manufacturers of medical devices and supplies. Because of the customized nature of its seat cushions, ROHO feels it would suffer in a competitive bidding program where standardization (and the cheaper products they produce) is king. The article contained the following stats, which were interesting:

  • Dave McCausland, senior vice president of planning and government affairs, estimated that total U.S. expenditures for wheelchair seating each year is roughly $100 million to $120 million. Globally, it is about $300 million.
  • Total Medicare expenditures last year for durable medical equipment prosthetics, orthotics and supplies manufacturers was approximately $12 billion. Less than $20 million of that went for adjustable, skin protection seating, which primarily are the products The ROHO Group manufactures.

Be sure to read the comments at the bottom (always entertaining, if not interesting)!

Liz Beaulieu


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