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SageHome sees macro tailwinds in aging in place

SageHome sees macro tailwinds in aging in place

Brian HuttoATLANTA - SageHome has recently expanded its reach with strategic acquisitions in the West, marking a significant growth phase, and has set its sights beyond the bathroom. 

With the recent purchases of Colorado Living in August and Safe Showers in October, the company has increased its footprint by four states – Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Texas – for coverage in a total of 23 states. 

"Our strategy is to either grow organically or buy our way into the market," said Brian Hutto, CEO of SageHome, which has backing from Cairngorm Capital Partners

The acquisitions have resulted in an immediate 20% increase in revenue. 

The acquisitions have also bolstered SageHome’s product offerings to include more cost-effective, yet still high-quality, options, Hutto says. 

“Safe Showers’ thesis aligns perfectly with ours,” he said. “They’re building showers and they're doing it with materials that are being sourced directly from original equipment manufacturers outside of the country, which is really significant. That really lowers the overall cost for us and allows us to pass that along to some customers who maybe can't afford to get into some of the higher-end products we sell." 

In terms of integration, SageHome’s approach has been maintaining local brand presence while integrating centralized support, such as IT, finance and HR, to optimize operations. 

“We put a value creation plan for every company we acquire in place, and we help them grow as quickly as possible,” Hutto said. “We can get new partners fully integrated within 60 days, thanks to our shared services model and standardized processes.” 

In addition to geographical growth opportunities, SageHome plans to extend its aging-in-place platform beyond the bathroom and into other categories. 

"We're focused on the U.S. for now, where the average age of houses is in the 25- to 30-year range, which is when people spend the most money on home improvements,” Hutto said. “That, coupled with the aging baby boomer population, creates a really great macro situation for what we’re doing.”


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