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Scootaround streamlines repairs with DNA

Scootaround streamlines repairs with DNA

WINNIPEG, Manitoba - Scootaround hopes to ease travel headaches for wheelchair and scooter users with its new information sharing program.

Scootaround DNA, which the provider is beta testing with members of the United Spinal Association, allows users to store their equipment information—such as model and serial numbers—on a secure database to help expedite repairs when traveling.

“Given the complexity of the type of equipment that United Spinal members are traveling with, we felt they were a really good source,” said Kerry Renaud, president and COO of Scootaround.

Should equipment become damaged in transit, United Spinal members will be able to access this essential information anytime, anywhere, using a phone or the Internet.

“Passengers don't always have the information at the ready or it isn't prominently displayed on the equipment,” said Renaud. “Often, that's a real source of confusion.”

The program is currently free, but it could become a paid service down the road as Scootaround expands it to other partners and eventually the public.

Scootaround, which provides rentals for conventions and other large events, began handling repair claims for airlines in 2010 and now contracts with more than 30 airlines worldwide.

“Our company is really focused on trying to improve and expand the opportunities for the traveling public, particularly those who use assistive devices,” Renaud said. “We feel very strongly that this is just another step in that direction.”


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